2018 Program

2018 Program

Enlightened Experience offers a plethora of classes, activities, and creative opportunities, but nothing is compulsory. Participants are encouraged to join at their own comfort level and take time to relax, socialize, and explore the local area at their leisure.

Download a printable PDF of the program, schedule and class descriptions.

Pre-retreat Facebook Live – Shelter from the Storm: Sources of Refuge for Troubled Times.
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The talk starts in the video at 6:20 minutes. Here are some points in the talk we’d like to highlight:
13:35 minutes – The fundamentals: ‘when’ do we take refuge, ‘from what’ and ‘in what’? And the distinctions between ordinary, false and real refuge.
24:54 minutes – What would Buddha do? Expanding the view of what we take refuge in to the paragons of human history.
36:53 minutes – Activating refuge in the 3 Jewels triad, to bring yourself through the portal to ultimate refuge
61:00 minutes – Music as an example of ordinary refuge that can inspire a deep experience of real refuge.

We hope you’ll join us for this unique experience of community, expression, teaching, music and retreat, all in the beautiful setting of Cambria Lodge.

Class Descriptions

Master Classes
with Lama Marut and Cindy Lee
Spiritual shelter can provide reliable protection in turbulent and uncertain times. Lama Marut and Cindy Lee offer this series of master classes to explore the nature and benefits of spiritual shelter. This includes how it helps us more deeply connect to the strength, comfort and joy that allows us to navigate difficulties no matter what life throws at us. The classes also delve into the methods to create that protection and connection. Transformational, practical and creative, participants will leave the retreat with analytical and meditational tools to continue their journey of resilience, peace and freedom.

Soul Surfing
with Kris Krajewski
This class will open you up to the insights that the ocean is trying to share with you! The session starts with an ocean meditation, based on the concept of Flow, to visualize the process of surfing and to connect to the energy of the ocean. Then we will explore tools for surfing waves of enlightenment, followed by actual surf sessions from a beach near the Lodge. Bring a board and/or wetsuit if you have one or you can rent both from a local surf shop that we will visit prior to the session.

Cultivating Emotional Balance
with Molly Dahl
Cultivating Emotional Balance or CEB is a proven mindfulness and emotional awareness system which enables anyone to reduce stress, increase empathy and compassion, avoid burnout, and self-regulate negative emotions. The CEB techniques are based in the western science of emotion and eastern contemplative and meditation practices. It was designed by Paul Ekman, PhD and B. Alan Wallace, PhD at the request of the Dalai Lama. In our time together we’ll explore the 5 universal human emotions, map out the “emotional episode timeline,” learn where we can interrupt the negative emotion feedback loop, and experiment with techniques to help overcome the powerful grip of negative emotions.

Rockin’ and Rollin’
with Eddie and Kate Potter
When we dance, we are offered the chance to lose the self-consciousness that can impede our experience of life at its best. This session is about finding a real and joyous connection as we dance with each other and get our groove on! Kate and Eddie will guide you through two simple and easy dances that will connect you to your joy and have you dancin’ the dream!

Yogic Nutrition: Introduction to Self-Assessment with Ayurveda
with Mojohito von Tchudi
Learn how the ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda can help support your meditation practice and general wellbeing! Mojohito will introduce Ayurvedic self-assessment with the doshas, how to tell your type, and what to do when you’re out of balance. We’ll learn about how nutrition and herbs can help you adjust your mental and physical balance to maintain health and improve your meditation practice.

Financial Freedom
with Holger Wolff
This session will present a successful, anti consumer-capitalist, Bodhisattva strategy for achieving financial freedom. The warrior’s path to financial freedom is about working less. In order to do this you will learn how to work with what you have, spend less, reduce consumption and save toward this ultimate goal, without sacrificing happiness or losing it once you have it. Our time together will include practical (and personally tested) methods to develop the state of mind of having enough while earning more, not by working more or harder but by putting your generosity on steroids.

Creativity Together!
with Maree Fowler
This session weaves together the enlightening experience of creativity, working together, and the opportunity to contribute to the local Cambria community. Together we will each create squares in the 5 Buddha colors and join them together to make a throw rug (or two) to give to a shelter in Cambria. No previous craft experience required; you will be taught an easy method to create your squares. Come share the joy of creating something together and offering it to others.

Download a printable PDF of the program and class descriptions.

Enlightened Experience 2018 was a wonderful event! For questions or additional information, email retreat@middlewayla.org

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