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This year’s theme for our annual Enlightened Experience retreat is “Soul Fire,” the desire we have to truly know ourselves and ignite a soulful, authentic way of being in the world. The podcasts we are posting here are excerpted from the culmination of last year’s teachings on refuge dealing with “Buddha Nature,” our true identity and ultimate source of true peace. We’ll be dedicating this year’s retreat to an in-depth exploration and continuation of the inspirational material these podcasts introduce.

Thank you to Chaz Gross (from the Mystic Machine) for the intro and outro music!

EXCERPT 01: From Outer to Inner Refuge
In this podcast from last year’s Enlightened Experience retreat, Lama Marut reviews the various ways we search for relief from suffering, especially moving from outer forms of refuge to inner. Ultimately, the deepest source of the peace we seek is our own inconceivable true nature – our “Buddha Nature,” “ultimate reality,” “the Divine,” pure and inexpressible love.

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EXCERPT 02: Who am I, Really?
Underlying the various and changing guises that we cling to for our identity is our “Buddha Nature.” This podcast begins with a contemplation designed to help us relax into our true and deepest state of being and then explores some of the terms and descriptions for that which really cannot be named or conceptualised.

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EXCERPT 03: What is Buddha Nature and What Does It Do?
We all have it and we all have it equally. We’ve never not had it and we need not do anything to create or perfect it. Our true and stainless nature is naturally present, has never been sullied by the mental afflictions, and functions to turn us away from suffering and move us toward ultimate peace.

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EXCERPT 04:Five Defects Healed by the Recognition of Buddha Nature
Cindy Lee reviews the portion of the Uttara Tantra that addresses the question of why Buddha Nature has been taught, especially in relationship to the teachings on emptiness and the possible “defects” that might arise in the mind of a bodhisattva.

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