The fire of transformation offers a soulful connection to your Buddha Nature.

Ignite your intuition, inspiration and creativity.

Set your soul on fire with an inspiring community of spiritual seekers.

The Enlightened Experience Retreat is proud to present:

a dynamic spiritual experience

July 25 – 29, 2019
Cambria Pines Lodge – Cambria, California
With Lama Marut and Cindy Lee

The road to freedom is one traveled by the intrepid and adventurous. As we embark on such a formidable journey, it’s good to know there are fellow travelers. Teachers, teachings and a community of practitioners allow us to continually stoke the fires of transformation. The Enlightened Experience retreat offers such support with practical and innovative ways to explore our highest path toward spiritual fulfillment.

At the Cambria retreat you can:

  • Find inspiration in spiritual teachings and practices based on authentic sources from the Indian and Tibetan traditions.
  • Train in meditation and yoga under expert guidance with advanced teachers.
  • Take part in a whole array of “enlightened activities” that can bring more peace and fun to our lives.
  • Share and discuss in nurturing, small group settings.
  • Revel in the heart-opening uplift of music, song, dance, and other artistic expressions that tap into the bliss of the ever-present sacred sphere.
  • Explore the beauty that California has to offer; forest hikes, stretches of beach and luscious gardens
  • Time to relax in the luxury of the Cambria Pines resort; well-appointed rooms, pool and spa, idyllic town.
  • Reconnect with old friends and make new connections with others on the path

This will be our third annual Enlightened Experience retreat! For questions or additional information, email

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